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Most trusted taxi app solution for the ride-hailing business

Build your taxi booking app and fulfil the gap between your riders and drivers. By using our fully customizable Uber clone script, you'll dominate the transportation industry now. Manage everything with a strong admin dashboard and rich features.

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Algorithm we use


Driver Pick Model

Customer will select the service and system algorithmically matches by sending requests to the list of service providers. E.g. A user requests a ride which is sent to the nearest available service provider or highest rated or any other pre-defined criterion. Once the requested is accepted by your partner, the customer receives the details about the ETA.

Customer Pick Model .

Buyers will be presented with a list of drivers with their profile history, their quote and the estimated time of arrival. They can interact with the service provider to choose the one best suited for their requirements. Service providers can accept/reject a request from the buyer.


What can we offer in our Uber clone app for Taxi Business?

Developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming affair and costs a fortune. So, availing a customizable, cost & time efficient Uber clone software is a better and more reliable alternative. We offer a good range of stellar features to form your app stand out from the remainder with ease.

  • Passenger App
  • A feature-rich Passenger App designed from our smart Uber clone script provides seamless services to your riders without any glitches and hitches.

Payment Modes

Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your users make payments right away via their credit or debit cards.

Estimated Time of Arrival

With the help of the ETA feature, users can know the exact time the driver will take to arrive at their location (for pickup).

Promo Codes

Users can use special promo codes during rides and share them with their friends & family. This feature helps bring virality to the app.

Push Notifications

Integrating this vital feature during the event of the taxi app like Uber ensures users receive alerts about the driver’s location, trip fares, and other relevant information.

Scheduled Rides

Passengers can book rides for a later time and the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers.

Ride History

Passengers can view their ride history and keep a track of all the rides they had previously made.

  • Driver App
  • The Driver App is a vital part of the platform. The features are integrated skillfully to allow the driver app to perform seamlessly in the Uber clone ecosystem.


Drivers can register using their contact information or via their social media account as per service providers/admins discretion.

Social media login

Drivers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram, and others without having to create or use separate email id and phone number.

Toggle driver’s availability

A highly sought after feature; drivers can update their availability as per their discretion via the app.

Surge Pricing

Drivers can check the locations where surge pricing is active and plan their trips accordingly through the app.

Earnings Tab

The feature let drivers keep track of their earnings every day. Drivers can use the earnings information for future reference.

Transaction History

Drivers can keep account of all the rides they have previously made. They can view details such as trip fares, ride dates, pickup location, destination, and much more.

  • Admin Panel
  • The process of Uber-like app development doesn't limit only the rider and driver panels. Apart from these, the admin panel is additionally important which is really the most module of a taxi booking app. With a strong Admin panel, the service provider can track and control both the Passenger App and therefore the Driver App with ease.

Driver Verification

The admin can check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded.

Document Verification

Admins can cross-check the documents uploaded by the driver as per the company standards.

Trip Report

Information about the trips including the count, duration, receipt, drivers, users and so on will be available to the admin through Wenstarhub’s taxi booking app.


The admin can appoint sub-admins that will allow them to manage certain or all operations of the app during their absence.

Earnings Report

Provides a detailed report about the drivers' earnings and the commission to be received by the admin.

Payment Details

The admin has the credentials to view payments of all sorts including cash, card, and other modes.

  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Our clone app development solutions offer a stellar dispatcher panel that is designed to assign, dispatch, and track drivers seamlessly.


Dispatchers can register using their contact information or via their social media accounts as per admin's discretion.

Social media login

Dispatchers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram or others without having to create a separate email id or phone number.

Trips Tracking

Dispatcher maintains the details regarding all the trips made by the riders & drivers and uses them for future reference.

Managing Requests

The dispatcher can manage the riders’ requests such as pick up, ride destination, track payments and so on.

Profile Creation

Dispatchers can create and manage their profile with details like name, address, contact number, picture and so on.

Reviews & Feedback

Dispatchers can view the reviews and feedback given by the users (drivers & riders) and take the necessary steps for the betterment of service.



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Benefits of our Uber clone app solution


While we concentrate on your app development needs, we assist you with planning stellar strategies that take your business from ideation to one of the most downloaded apps on both Google Play and App store. We design & develop your app from the most robust on-demand clone app script in the market.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Top-notch features
  • Adept Developers
  • Cutting-edge development solutions
  • Continuous Support & Maintenance
  • Easy to deploy and highly scalable

Get to understand more about our Uber Clone App


Admin dashboard

The admin panel visuals with end to end flow help you gain a better understanding of the functionality of the powerful platform.


App workflow

The driver & passenger app is meant, keeping in mind the convenience and easy-to-use factor. Check out our well-crafted app workflow.


Web panel visuals

If there's an on-demand tax application that gives superior performance including glitch-free functioning, it's ours! Check out the online panel visuals to know our work better.


App Features

Want to know how to gain a competitive edge from the rest? Offering stellar features to users (drivers & passengers), admin, and dispatcher causes you to easily stand call at the market.


Pricing and paid plugins

If you've got a singular idea and need us to assist bring it to life, then inspect our pocket-friendly and transparent pricing packages to urge you started.


Premium themes & templates

Easily customize your powerful on-demand taxi application with the color, template, and theme of your choice.


Confirm Booking

Seamless booking flow to make a bus reservation with an easy to understand process.


Industries We Serve

Webstarhub, supported by its Technology, Analytical power and Process Excellence methodologies, caters to outsourcing needs of a vast array of industries with customized solutions to arrive at better and fruitful results.





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