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A fully customizable Makaan Clone system, with wallet and QR Code Features, rise brand recall and improve revenues.

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Makaan Clone App Package

  • Admin Panel
  • Makaan Clone Script for your Business

    A feature-packed Makaan Clone Script for your Real-estate System. Manage your Area with Listing, Category, Locations, etc with payments, promotions and more.


The admin can manage the general functionalities like Category management, Menu management, User management, etc from one dashboard.

Smart Map

This is a quick and easy way to find details of all properties in a particular location. Users can draw the world they're curious about on the map and every one property available therein particular area are going to be showing them.

Agent/Agency monitoring

Admin gets a view of all activities done by the agents within the portal. The admin has all necessary privileges to speak and take any actions if found inappropriate, like removing a property added by any agent or maybe disabling agent profiles.

Analytics and Reports

Use analytics explicitly created for land portals to understand the foremost engaged/ popular properties. Use this information to predict user behaviour and market trends. Get a comprehensive view of the whole portal using real-time enquiry, property, user and revenue reports.


A convenient way to make the admin can monitor all the activities of the site and also respond to all notifications.

Plan Manager

You can easily add new plans for charging users with price, duration, multimedia and other settings managed individually for each plan.


The portal empowers you to reward agents/agencies for his or her good conduct by gifting loyalty points which they will redeem at the purpose of renewing their subscription package. The admin will have authority over deciding the worth of points.

Featured Properties

You can mark a couple of properties as “Featured” so that it'll appear within the most visible areas of the house page and inner pages. You could monetize on this facility by charging agencies a further price for featuring their property.


Schedule and automate advertisements within the site using the “Ad of the Day” functionality. You can monetise on this feature by letting agents/agencies to display their advertisements.


Multiple subscription plans can be created for agents/agencies. This will assist you to adopt and exciting pricing strategies like ‘Premium’ to induce agents/agencies into subscribing to your portal.

Offer A Price

Agents/agencies are allowed to know the price users are willing to pay for the properties they have listed to sell or rent. Users can let agents/agencies know the worth they're willing to pay with the click of a button inside property detail page.

Apply Offers

Manage Promo Codes by Admin. It is often easily applied at checkout to say Discounts and keep users engaged.

  • User Panel/App
  • Elegant User Experience

    Your get a branded Makaan Clone like Website with Hybrid Apps for both iOS & Android

Hybrid Apps

Users get fully branded IOS & Android Apps for your Makaan Clone Script Web/App.


Users can increase their search accuracy through this features-area. The search filters change automatically as per the sort of property chosen by the user.

Attribute Management

User can define attributes to every property type and position them supported priority. These attributes are often marked as elements that require to be considered while comparing properties and can be even be set as an enquiry filter .

Attribute Management

User can define attributes to every property type and position them supported priority. These attributes are often marked as elements that require to be considered while comparing properties and can be even be set as an enquiry filter.

Membership Plans

Membership plans are a great way to Convert your site. Add your custom plans and begin charging users for posting ads, access to contact details, photos and premium accounts.


Both you and your dealers will be able to import or export listings in XLS and CSV formats to your site, including pictures, both from back and front ends.


You can easily enable/disable a Rental option on your site by installing the booking module that permits your users to book listings online and collect down payments featuring 3 most wanted booking modes

QR Code

The module generates a QR code for every ad, which allows your users to easily and instantly scan and save ad details to their mobile devices .


Searching for ads within a selected radius by a zipper code or location allows users to right away get search results within their location.

Buy/Rent/Lease Properties

Users can showcase their properties apartments, villas and lands either to sell or rent or lease it. Buyers can easily search and find the matching listings for his or her requirements.

Custom Categories & Fields

You can add multiple custom fields which helps your users to describe more about their listings easily. It is displayed on the details page of your user's listings.

Multimedia Uploads

Apart from adding a description to listings, sellers can easily upload photos and videos by dragging and dropping to give more visual information to potential buyers.

Keyword Search

Keyword search provides a simple and fast way for users to search for listings. The search offers a couple of options for narrowing down search results and may be easily integrated into Advanced Search.

Google Maps

A powerful tool from Google-enabled for each listing and showing ads and values of location-related fields on the Maps.

Payment History

View Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reports. Keep track of all the payments made through your site from the Account Area.

Reviews & Rating

Owners of listings can review or rate the agent after a purchase. The direct feedback from users will help the agents build their credibility on your website.

Coupon Code

Promo Codes can be easily applied at checkout. To increase sales, you'll generate coupon codes for people or user groups allowing them to get listing packages and plans at discounted prices.

Help & Support

Easy access to Customer Support details for User queries, Terms, FAQ and more.

  • Advance features
  • Advance Customization

    We are hospitable adding additional features, integrations, and customizations to assist your business achieve maximum ROI.


The entire user side of the script is often customized to the language of your choice.

Agent App

Manage your Bookings and Reservations on the accompany an Optional Makaan Clone Script Agent Mobile Application.

Geo Location

Integrate the remake Google Map API Version so users are going to be ready to evaluate distance on the Map.

Membership Packages

Flexible Design & Development method permit to make member list & categorize into different Packages.

How does it work?

Build your own vacation rental booking website during a few hours.



  • Guest Login
  • Browse Listings
  • Instant Booking
  • Payment Gateway

Host .

  • Host Login
  • List Your Place
  • Approve Booking
  • Money transfer after commission educated


Our happy






What Support You Get?

Our solution is going to be tailored to the unique needs of our Clients and full of powerful features and integrations.


Fully Customizable

Our Makaan Clone Script is flexible enough to satisfy the precise needs of the Clients.


Bug Support

If there are any bugs or issues you can report to us, we will work on in & Update the status of the work. This service will be provided free for the first year.


Licence For A Lifetime

Source Code for a license is valid for lifetime and one domain/ brand. With a one-off payment, your software is going to be covered for the duration of a lifetime.


Linux Server Installation

Web Panels will work smoothly in open source Linux Servers. You will be told once the server configuration and hosting have been done by the technical team.


Open Source Database

We use MySQL, which is an open-source and one among the safest databases. You will even have to pay a minimal price for license renewal per annum.



Our Scripts support International Payment Gateways, API with easy Installations of latest ones as per the business needs .


Technical Support

We provide One Year Free Support, even non-technical entrepreneurs will be benefited, we handle everything till everything is launched.


Open Source Code For Customization

We provide a 100% open source code that will allow all types of customizations.


Confirm Booking

Seamless booking flow to make a bus reservation with an easy to understand process.


Industries We Serve

Webstarhub, supported by its Technology, Analytical power and Process Excellence methodologies, caters to outsourcing needs of a vast array of industries with customized solutions to arrive at better and fruitful results.





Real Estate



Women Welfare






Packaging Machines & Goods


Capital Markets

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Bespoke vanity for World Wide Business. . .


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Digital World

₹30999 /
  • Website
  • User Module
  • Admin Module
  • Agent Module


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and running

₹55998 /
  • Website and Android App
  • User Module,
  • Boot & Digital Assistants
  • Guest User,
  • Super Admin Module
  • Agent Module
  • Android App


Rejuvenate Your
Dream Project

  • Website Source with Android and iOS ApP
  • User
  • Guest User,
  • Super Admin
  • Agent Modules
  • Android and iOS Mobile App
  • Landing Pages & Web Widgets

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